Large Scale administration and information-gathering using CIM information modelling.

Architecture Layers

This figure shows the layers of our software architecture:

Ontology Support Application Layer System Data Layer Modelling Layer Distributed Storage Layer Architecture Overview
  • The Distributed Storage Layer represents the repository and the storage services it provides. Below this layer there could be additional backend layers (eg. relational DBs, metadirectories, embedded DBs ...) that are transparent to the upper layers of the architecture.
  • The Modelling Layer represents the CIM objects mapped into the repository, as well as their dependencies and navigability. The mapping allows this layer to be independent of the repository used.
  • The System Data Layer comprises data gathering Scripts and translators that are used to collect and organize management data in the directory.
  • The Application Layer represents all the administration clients that consume and operate CIM data, including user interaction and quierying and offline operations. It also includes the Ontology Support module.